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Yet, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our Potter, and we all are the work of Your hand. -Isaiah 64:8

Moldable Clay logo - smallMoldable Clay is the ministry of Christian author, Elizabeth Paige. This site is dedicated to pursuing God with reckless abandon and walking alongside fellow believers and those seeking Truth, through compassion, love, and transparent relationships.

I understand that this is a fallen world, and a life filled with trials and triumphs, and at times, great tragedy. Yet, we need not walk through this journey of faith alone. I hope and pray that God would be glorified and that you would be greatly encouraged as I share my walk, trials, faith, mistakes, and the very essence of life with you, that we may all truly submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and be moldable clay in our Master's hands!

Please explore the elements in this site. I hope that as I share the most precious gift of my personal and private walk with the Lord, that you would be encouraged, and your faith deepened. So, please grab a cup of coffee and spend a few moments with me, and in doing so, I hope that your day will be brighter and your walk with the Lord stronger.

Elizabeth Paige
Elizabeth Paige  is a Christian and children

Elizabeth Paige

Elizabeth Paige is a Christian and children's author, illustrator, and speaker. She is a minister, co-founder of In His Hands International Ministries, and president of Moldable Clay Publishing. She lives in Colorado with her husband and four miracle children--two biological children ages 4 and 1 and two who were adopted from Russia at ages 8 and 11 (now 20 and 22).

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I am so blessed to be a part of the John 3:16 Marketing Network, and thankful to be nominated by my friend, Pearl Nsiah-Kumi, from Ghana, to be a part of this tour. I hope and pray that you will be encouraged through my post, and those of the other authors on this tour, as we share with you some insight into our own writing processes and inspirations. If you are someone with a passion to tell your story, or a lover of good books, you will undoubtedly find something here to bless and encourage you. So, please, sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, and join us as we delve into the inner writing processes of some of today's Christian authors.

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Faith Builders

…to showcase what God can do in any of us…

As I have walked with God, through mountaintops and deep valleys, He has poured out His grace; and slowly, but surely, I have grown in depth, in character, in faith, in love, and in wisdom. Much of it came at a price, but I offer it up to you freely, that you can glean from what God has done in my life; that you can build others up, live victoriously, and see His hand in even the tiniest things in your life.

As time permits, I will add testimonies to this—of physical healings, adoption testimonies, parenting testimonies, marriage testimonies, financial successes, financial disasters, spiritual battles, health battles, refining fires, and the like, in hopes of publishing a testimonial devotional entitled A Life Devoted, to showcase what God can do in any of us, if we'll just yield to His ways which are far above our own.

Faith Builders Blog


Needless to say, God is good and faithful…

On June 2, 2003, my beautiful nine-year-old daughter, Hannah, stepped back into the same orphanage God had called her out of more than one year before. We were very clearly on assignment from God; yet as her parents, we were somewhat full of trepidation, knowing that this visit may open old wounds that the Lord had healed, or create a longing in her to go back and pull away from not only us, but Him as well. Nevertheless, in obedience to His plan, we had left Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and the son we were adopting, to pay several thousand dollars additional, travel two hours by plane and an additional two hours by car, stay five days in a hotel there, to spend a few hours back at her orphanage in a different region in Russia to see God’s plan unfold.

Adoption Blog


…I won't cast stones—how could I?

This is the hardest to own up to: at the age of nineteen, I ended the life of my unborn baby. I have a lot that I can say on this subject, but I want to speak primarily to those who find themselves in the circumstance of an unplanned pregnancy—scared, alone, and unsure what to do.

I am a lot wiser now than I was at 19, but I understand the power of fear…and persuasion…and the pressure to do what other people are telling you to do. I won't preach at you, and I won't cast stones—how could I? I want to share with you the truth, because few people will do that.

I pray that through my transparency and brokenness, your heart and eyes will be given light to see that inside of you, there is LIFE. And life is a gift.

Abortion Blog

On My Heart

Just keepin' it real!

This is a blog to just share what God is speaking to me, or what I'm struggling with, or what has blessed me, or what I'm questioning. Just keepin' it real.

I’ve decided to do something which is, perhaps tipping my hat a bit. Because my heart’s desire is to be an effective minister of the Gospel far more than a successful writer, I’ve decided to let you in on the author’s most guarded secret…the thought process.

On My Heart Blog

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